Club Bylaws

Constitution and By-Laws of the Johnson County RC Flyers


The name of this organization shall be JOHNSON COUNTRY RC FLYERS, INC. located at Tracee Field in Edinburgh, IN., Johnson County.


The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the safe operation of Radio Controlled Model Aircraft and to further promote the sport/hobby of model aviation.


1.  This organization shall maintain “Charter Club Status” with the Academy of Model Aeronautics.

2.  This organization shall be a not-for-profit organization.

3.  Neither the name, nor the activities of this organization shall be associated with any outside organization or activity that is not within the general scope of model aviation, and further, any activities of this organization shall be directed exclusively to projects consistent with Article II.


1.  Dues for membership in the Johnson County RC Flyers are to be $50.00 per year.

2.  Dues are to be paid by January of each calendar year. For existing members if dues are not paid by March 1st.a late fee of $5.00 will be charged,  $55.00 total.

3.  Pro-Rated dues may be granted if a new member is accepted into the organization within the last 4 (four) months of the calendar year.

4.  Any member defaulting in his/her dues will not be considered a member of the Johnson County RC Flyers and may not cast a vote at either a club meeting or event hosted by the Johnson County RC Flyers.

5.  New members may be accepted at any time by a club officer, providing payment for dues is accepted and the club secretary is notified of the new member.

6.  RESIGNATION – Any member in good standing may resign his/her membership by giving written notice to the club.

7.  EXPULSION – Any member may be expelled from the Johnson County RC Flyers by a majority vote of club officers in cases where the individual in question willfully commits any act or omission which is a violation of any of the terms of these Bylaws, Club Rules, Rules of the AMA or which may be considered detrimental to the club, the AMA or to model aviation.

8.  REINSTATEMENT – A majority vote by club officers is required for reinstatement to club membership.


1.  Club officers shall be established and elected by Johnson County RC Flyers club members for performing the following duties:
a.  To organize and conduct club business at regular meetings.
b.  To conduct club business between times of regular meetings, should a situation arise, that meets the following criteria:
(1).  Situation must warrant immediate attention.
(2).  Expenditures are not to exceed the amount of $200.00.
(3).  Full disclosure of event(s) and situation(s) must be made at the next regular club meeting,and approved by majority vote of club members.

2.  Elected Club officers shall consist of:
a.  President – Responsible for presiding over and conducting club meetings, and to officially represent the Johnson County RC Flyers.
b.  Vice-President – Shall preside at club meetings in the absence of the President, and to officially represent the Johnson County RC Flyers when the president is unable to do so.  The Vice-President shall also be responsible for maintaining these By-Laws and ensuring their compliance by all officers and members of the Johnson County RC Flyers.
c.  Secretary/Treasurer – Responsible for, and shall act as, the custodian of all club funds by keeping accurate records of income and disbursement(s) for presentation to the membership at monthly club meetings. The Secretary/Treasurer shall also maintain all records and reports required by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and the Johnson County RC Flyers.  
d.  Safety Officer – Responsible for maintaining, policing and enforcement of safety rules of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, the Johnson County RC Flyers and the Johnson County Park.

3.  Appointed officers shall consist of:
a. Recording Secretary – Responsible for recording the minutes of club meetings of the Johnson County RC Flyers.
b. Field Marshall – Responsible for maintenance and general up-keep of the Johnson County RC Flyers club site known as Tracee Field, which is located in the Johnson County Park, Edinburgh, IN.
c. Public Relations – Responsible for distribution of information to the public concerning Johnson County RC Flyers club events/happenings.
d. Newsletter Editor – Responsible for Monthly design, production, distribution and collection of information for Johnson County RC Flyers club newsletter.

4.  Election/Appointment of Johnson County RC Flyers club officers shall be held at the November meeting and shall be by secret ballot.
a.  An election committee shall be appointed by the President to take nominations from the floor by any member in good standing who is present at the annual meeting.
b.  The election committee shall develop a list of proposed officers for presentation to club members who are present at the annual meeting.
c.  The election committee shall count each vote made by members present at annual meeting.
d.  The election committee shall announce each new elected official at the annual meeting.
e.  No nominations may be made or accepted after the close of the election.  

5.  The term of office for Elected and Appointed Club Officers shall be for a period of two (2) years and shall commence on January 1 of the following year, and shall terminate at the next club election/appointment.

6.  Any officer vacancies that may arise shall be filled by vote of the remaining officers.

7.  Any elected or appointed officer may be recalled by a majority vote of club members.
a. Notice of proposed recall shall be given at any regular club meeting.
b. The recall vote shall be held  in one (1) month or the next monthly club meeting.
c. Absentee ballots may be taken by any club officer (not being subject to proposed recall),and presented at the meeting when the proposed recall will be voted on.
d. The officer shall be considered recalled if 2/3 majority votes are in favor of the recall.

8.  To hold an elected position within the Johnson County RC Flyers, the member must:
a.  Be in good standing with a paid membership.   
b.  Had a continuing membership with the AMA and the Johnson County RC Flyers for the past 3 (three) years.


1.  Regular monthly meetings will be held on the 3rd Monday of each month (excluding December). With the November meeting being considered the annual meeting.

2.  All routine business is to be conducted with a simple majority vote of members present at any monthly club meeting.

3.  Special business, which shall be recognized by the elected officers, shall be conducted in accordance with Article V, section 1, subsection b.


These By-Laws may be amended or altered by a 2/3 majority vote of the members present at any regular club meeting.


1.  Membership to the Academy of Model Aeronautics is required and adherence to the safety rules of the AMA and the Johnson County RC Flyers are to be followed.

2.  JOHNSON COUNTY RC FLYERS INC., AMA CHARTED CLUB #443, TRACEE FIELD-FIELD RULES & CODE OF CONDUCT  (Attached to allow for ease of reproducing/posting, etc)



Mid-Air Accidents are to generally be considered “No-Fault” unless overwhelming malicious intent is witnessed and evidenced by either spectators or club members to the event.

2.  DISSOLUTION OF JOHNSON COUNTY RC FLYERS – While the duration of the club shall be perpetual, the club may be dissolved with the approval of 2/3 vote of club membership.
a.  Outstanding Debts or Responsibilities – Dissolution may not occur until any and all outstanding debts or legal responsibilities or otherwise are completed.
b.  Remaining moneys – To be distributed in equal amounts to those persons who were at the time of dissolution active members in the Johnson County RC Flyers.


10/18/04 – Approval of By-Laws by JCRCF



Revised Oct 6, 2004)

1.  The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) safety rules are accepted in their entirety.

2.  NO Spectators in the pit area.

3.  All flyers at Tracee Field MUST belong to the AMA and show proof of AMA insurance.  (i.e. Valid AMA Card)

4.  All engines 0.20 and larger must have an approved muffler.

5.  All flyers must use the frequency board.

6.  Flyers are cautioned to be aware of full-scale military aircraft.

7.  No high-speed low level passes toward the pit area (E<- ->W).

8.  No high-speed low level passes over the runway (N<- -S).  Such passes must be over the grassy area east of the runway.

9.  All flyers must stand behind the safety fence to fly.

10. NO taxiing out or in to the pit area.  You must carry or hold onto your plane until on the flight line.

11. All transmitter antennas must be collapsed after each flight & transmitter power switch in “off” position.

12. Helicopters must be flown at the helipad and remain south of the helipad & west of the pit area.

13. No cell phones are permitted in pit area.

14. All flyers should remain aware of golfers at east end of field.  NO LOW LEVEL FLYING OVER GOLF COURSE!!

15. Absolutely no flying over power lines at South end of field.

16. There is absolutely NO flying of any turbine powered aircraft of any kind allowed at Tracee Field.

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